Friday, 2 November 2007

Away for a few days

Well I'm off to Dubai tomorrow for a few days with work so I shan't be doing any beading this weekend even though I'm packing a little travel kit just in case I get a couple of hours free. I've just checked the weather and it's 31 degrees out there at the moment, I know this sounds good to most people but I dont' like the really hot weather about 26 degrees is my maximum so I'll be looking for the air-conditioned rooms.

I've got a big wedding commission I need to get finished for next weekend so that'll keep me busy when I get back and hopefully I can show you some piccies of the finished projects.

Have a great weekend, see you next week.



Laura said...

Totally with you on the heat thing, Karen!

Safe journey

Laura x

Gemheaven said...

Have fun

Leigh Russell said...

Love your beads. I don't like the heat or the cold.

Welcome to the blogworld. Be warned - it's addictive - especially when you can stumble across such lovely beads to look at.

Karen said...

Hi Leigh, great to have your comments.

Just briefly visited your blog, can't wait til your book comes out it's the only genre I read and it sounds like a good one.

Mrena said...

Interesting to know.